Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Wesabi Deviled Eggs Recipe 023 (Mobile)

By simply adding Wasabi to your Deviled Egg recipe, you give them a whole new flavor.

Wasabi is a Japanese plant with a thick green root. It tastes like a strong horseradish. It is a staple in many sushi dishes.

I also add Pimentos in this recipe for two reasons. Pimentos are actually cherry peppers which adds another flavor dimension with their sweetness and mild heat. I also like the pop of color they add to the Deviled Eggs.

It will only take a few minutes to whip up these Deviled Eggs and trust me they won’t last long once you serve them. In fact, you may want to double the recipe!



  • 4 Large Eggs, hard boiled
  • 4 Teaspoons Wasabi
  • 3 Tablespoons Mayo
  • 2 Tablespoons Pimento

Wesabi Deviled Eggs Recipe 009 (Mobile)


1. Slice the Eggs in half lengthwise. Place the Yolks into a small mixing bowl.

Wesabi Deviled Eggs Recipe 012 (Mobile)

2. Time to make the filling. Mash the Yolks with a fork.

3. Combine the Mayo and Wasabi with the Yolks, stirring well.

4. Now stir in the Pimento.

Wesabi Deviled Eggs Recipe 014 (Mobile)

5. Equally spoon the filling into the 8 Egg halves.

6. Cover and refrigerate the Eggs for about 1 hour prior to serving.

Wesabi Deviled Eggs Recipe 018 (Mobile)

Recipe by: Hot Dish Homemaker

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