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Tuna Hot Dish

A classic comfort food punched up with a bit of color and flavor.

Tuna Casserole, or as we like to call it here in Minnesota, Tuna Hot Dish, is a family favorite in many households. You will find many variations to this classic dish.


Tater Tot Hot Dish

This hearty casserole dish is cheesy, loaded with veggies, meat and the star of the show, Tater Tots!

If you live in the Midwestern region of the United States, particularly in Minnesota or North Dakota, you have to have Tater Tot Hot Dish in your meal rotation.


Mexican Fiesta Casserole

If you like Mexican food, you are going to love this Casserole, or as we say in Minnesota, Hot Dish!

This Hot Dish is a lot easier to serve and less messy than Tacos! You can adjust the heat by adding more or less seeds from the Jalapeno.