How To Peel Ginger Root

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Ginger Root is actually very easy to peel.

I know some people dread trying to peel fresh Ginger Root, primarily because of its unusual shape.

Trust me, it is so easy if you just use the right tool and follow this one tip.

1. For most recipes, you are more than likely not going to use the whole Ginger Root. In fact most recipes will call for grating about an inch of Ginger Root, or some may call for so many tablespoons of Ginger Root.  So merely brake off a small portion of the root. This way you have a nice small piece to work with. If you find you should need more, then you simply just break off another piece.

2. Now for peeling. Some people will try to peel this thing with a vegetable peeler or a pairing knife. Both are not the proper tool and in fact they make this task harder. So what do you use? A SPOON. That is right, a spoon! All you do is scrape off the skin with the side of a spoon. It comes off very easily and if you need to work around the knobs and weird angles that Ginger Root can have, the spoon gets right in there with no chance of cutting or peeling your own finger!

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Ginger is so good for you, it has many health benefits. Now that you know how to peel Ginger Root, you can use it in a wide variety of recipes!

Tip by: Hot Dish Homemaker

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