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Should You Use The Shiny Or Dull Side Of Foil

Which side of Aluminum Foil should I use, the shiny or the dull side?

  • Actually, it makes no difference which side of the Aluminum Foil you use! Both sides do the same  job of cooking, freezing and storing food.

The difference in appearance between dull and shiny is due to the Foil manufacturing process.


Use a Lazy Susan In The Refrigerator

Try using a Lazy Susan in the refrigerator to put condiments on. 

  • Do you find condiments in the back of the refrigerator that have expired or perhaps you find some that you didn’t even know that you had?
  • Do you have several bottles of the SAME condiments open and half used because you have teenagers or roommates who didn’t take the time to look through the refrigerator first to see if there is an open bottle?

10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters

Try using Coffee Filters for other things.

This list of Ten Ways to use Coffee Filters is a good start.

Coffee Filters are very inexpensive and they usually always are sold in large quantity packages. You probably have a good supply on hand.


Open Canned Goods Upside Down

A good habit to get into is opening your canned goods upside down.


Canned goods are obviously stored right side up on the store shelves and probably the same way in your cupboard or pantry. When you grab a canned item out of your pantry you probably don’t wipe off the lid.


How To Store Tomatoes

How to store Fresh Tomatoes. 

First let me say, NEVER store your Tomatoes in the refrigerator. Doing so will cause the Tomatoes to lose their flavor and turn the Tomatoes into mush.

The best way to store Tomatoes is on the kitchen counter away from sunlight.


How To Store Onions, Garlic And Shallots

Storing Onions, Garlic and Shallots in this fashion will give you a shelf life of up to 3 months.

When we select our produce at the super market, we use the plastic bags they offer, to put our items in. They are great for transport but once you arrive back home and begin to put your groceries away, remember to remove your produce from those plastic bags.