Wash Your Lemons and Limes

Do you wash your Lemons and Limes?

You DEFINITELY should wash them before consuming them!

Reason being, Lemons and Limes are not washed before going to the wholesaler/warehouse. They come straight from the fields where they are grown. The workers in the produce fields don’t have access to hand washing stations, and since they are human, they do have to relieve themselves. So it is a good chance your Lemons and Limes have been handled by a field worker with unclean hands.

Another reason to wash your Lemons and Limes is the fact that they spray the Lemons and Limes with an antifungal agent which can be toxic.

So next time you make a pitcher of ice tea with Lemon or add a Lime to your gin and tonic, wash them first!

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker

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Hot Dish Homemaker

Hot Dish Homemaker

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