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Most of us who have older homes, have a lot of wasted space underneath our kitchen sinks.

There are drain pipes and hoses in the way. It also seems when the builders got to that space under the sink, the quality of the cabinet is not the same, especially in a lot of the older homes.

With that said, the Under The Sink Cabinet is not a good place to store much more than just cleaning products. Never keep your pet food products under the sink in the same area as your cleaning products. I have actually seen a lot of people do this. If you wouldn’t store your own food in a certain area, never put your pet’s food there either! You don’t want your food, or your pet’s food, to come in contact with cleaning products since they can be poisonous.

Here are a few things you can do to gain a little extra storage space in the Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet:

  • Simply put a curtain rod in the cabinet, Now you can hang all your trigger style cleaning product bottles on it, which will free up more room for storage.
  • Use low profile plastic storage bins as well for smaller items such as sponges, dishwasher additives or trash bags.
  • This is also a good spot to store those leftover brown paper grocery bags.

Utilize this space wisely and create a clutter free, organized area under your sink!

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