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Best Way To Store Ice Cubes

Are you tired of the plastic bags of Ice turning into one big Ice block that you can never seem to get apart?

The best way to store Ice Cubes is to put the Ice Cubes in a Paper Bag in the freezer!


Biker Billy Pepper Infused Vodka

Infused Vodkas are all the rage lately.

For the past couple years I have been growing a type of Pepper for my husband, called “Biker Billy” Peppers. He LOVES extreme heat and I originally found “Biker Billy” Peppers at my local garden center here in Minnesota.


Cotton Candy Cocktail

Yes, It does taste like Cotton Candy!

I don’t find this drink to be too sweet, but more refreshing and light. Great for a sunny afternoon on the patio.

You might try serving these at your luncheon with the girls or just skip dessert and have a Cotton Candy Cocktail!


How To Quickly Chill Wine Or Champagne

You can quickly chill your Wine before serving.

Forgot to chill the Wine before your guests arrived? Unexpected company pops by or you have an impromptu celebration and the Champagne or Wine has not been chilled?

No worries….

Here is what you do:



How To Clean A Stained Coffee Pot


Even if you wash your coffee pot thoroughly after each use, you eventually still end up with coffee stains inside the pot.

Here is a good recipe to clean your Glass Coffee Pot:

Start with a cool pot (never clean the pot when it is still warm)

Add 5 Teaspoons of Salt, 1 Cup Crushed Ice and 1 Tablespoon of water.


What To Do With Leftover Coffee

Don’t throw out that leftover Coffee!

Pour it into Ice Cube trays and freeze it.

Next time you make Iced Coffee, you will have flavored Ice Cubes to use!

This gives your Iced Coffee more flavor and when these Ice Cubes start to melt, they are not going to water down your beverage!