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Spicy Pepper Apple Chutney

Combining the heat from Biker Billy Peppers and the sweetness of Minnesota Apples to create a delicious Chutney.

Chutney dates back thousands of years and originated in India. Of course today it is found in many cultures all over the world.


Basil Lime Beef Kabobs












Fresh Basil and Lime really zest up the flavor of these Beef Kabobs.

I have a lot of Basil growing outdoors and here in Minnesota our growing season is coming to an end.


Wasabi Deviled Eggs

By simply adding Wasabi to your Deviled Egg recipe, you give them a whole new flavor.

Wasabi is a Japanese plant with a thick green root. It tastes like a strong horseradish. It is a staple in many sushi dishes.

I also add Pimentos in this recipe for two reasons.


Caprese Kabobs

If you love Caprese Salad, then you will love Caprese Kabobs!

Caprese Kabobs are a wonderful appetizer. I used fresh Cherry Tomatoes and fresh Basil from my garden. If you don’t have a garden, go to your local farmers market. Fresh in season Tomatoes and Basil work best in this recipe.


Beer Cheese Meatballs

For these Meatballs we add the flavors of Beer Cheese Soup in our sauce which creates a super cheesy flavorful Meatball appetizer.

Here in Minnesota, Meatballs are kind of a staple when it comes to appetizers. There is one company in particular that has founded their success making Meatballs.


Smoked Salmon Cucumber Cups Appetizer

Reminiscent of lox, with Smoked Salmon, Capers and Dill in the recipe, then paired with the crunch of a fresh Cucumber. So delicious!

This is a very easy Appetizer to make yet presents itself very elegantly. There is a whole lot of flavor in this little Cucumber Cup.