Substitute For A Roasting Rack

Substitute For A Baking Rack

About to start cooking and you realize you do not have a Roasting Rack. What can you do?

Yep, this has happened to me before. I meant to purchase a new one, the one I had was not an expensive item and eventually began to fall apart. So I disposed of it and did not replace it. I swear it was on my list for the kitchen supply store. Knowing me, I decided to wait for a sale and waited too long!

Making a Turkey or baking Crab Legs or a Roast are dishes that you may need a Roasting Rack for your pan when cooking or roasting, but you probably don’t cook these types of items all that often. Maybe you recently moved and just can’t find all your kitchen supplies, what can you do?

Well, everyone surely has Foil in their kitchen and it makes a great Roasting Rack Substitute!

  • All you do is take out 3 or 4 good size pieces of Foil and scrunch and roll them up into long strips then position them in your baking pan or roaster as you see here, making kind of an “S” shape out of each one.

Substitute For Baking Rack

And there you have it! A Roasting Rack Substitute!

It works great and the clean up is easy!

Hope this helps you get by, next time you are in a pinch!

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker

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