The Dishes


Bambi Beans Recipe

If you have Hunters in your family, you are probably always looking for a new recipe to incorporate your Venison in.

This is a great side dish recipe. A change to the standard Baked Bean recipe with the addition of Venison.


The Best Chip Clips

Tired of those plastic Chip Clips breaking and falling apart?

The BEST Chip Clips are Clothespins!

They last forever, and you can get a huge bag of them for just a few dollars.

You probably already have some laying around your house.


How To Keep Your Celery Fresh

Celery is one produce item that just doesn’t stay fresh for very long in the refrigerator.

It is disappointing when you take it out of the refrigerator only to find it is limp and wilted.

Sure you can buy those expensive green bags but save a few dollars and simply wrap your celery in aluminum foil!


What To Do With Leftover Coffee

Don’t throw out that leftover Coffee!

Pour it into Ice Cube trays and freeze it.

Next time you make Iced Coffee, you will have flavored Ice Cubes to use!

This gives your Iced Coffee more flavor and when these Ice Cubes start to melt, they are not going to water down your beverage!


What To Do With Leftover Wine

So you have leftover Wine and it only keeps for about three days, you know you are not going to drink it, and you hate to just throw it out.

Save it ! Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it!