The Dishes


How To Clean A Stained Coffee Pot


Even if you wash your coffee pot thoroughly after each use, you eventually still end up with coffee stains inside the pot.

Here is a good recipe to clean them:

1) Start with a cool pot (never clean the pot when it is still warm)

2) Add 5 Teaspoons of Salt

3) Add 1 Cup Crushed Ice

4) Add 1 Tablespoon of water


5) Swirl the ingredients together in the pot.


Big Ang Drink Recipe

Have you tried a Big Ang? This is a fun, smooth, creamy drink recipe!

Here is how you make it:

~Put ice in a wine glass, fill half full with Red Wine. Use a Wine that has notes of berry or black cherry.


How To Keep Kitchen Sponges Fresh

The best way to store your Kitchen Sponge is in a Sponge Caddy like the one in this picture.

This type of Sponge Caddy has a suction cup back to stick to your sink. It is great because any excess water from your Kitchen Sponge can drip down in the sink and the air can circulate around the Kitchen Sponge to aid in drying it out in between uses.


Storing Plastic Bags

I think every home has those Plastic Bags from retail stores stuffed in drawers and closets or just laying around.

Seems every store uses them and it seems so wasteful to just throw them all out. REUSE them!

The problem is how and where to store them?


Why Did My Cake or Bread Fall

So you took your cake or bread out of the oven and thought everything was fine. It seemed to be done and browned nicely. But…..

As your cake is cooling, the center starts to fall! What could have gone wrong?

You start thinking all sorts of excuses such as maybe the oven temperature was not right, maybe the kids were jumping and made the cake fall, maybe you didn’t mix the cake or bread properly or maybe you even forgot an ingredient.