The Dishes


Deer Stew Recipe

That’s right, I say Deer not Venison! I think people are uncomfortable using the word Deer when it comes to food and eating Deer Meat, so if you are more comfortable saying Venison Stew, by all means, you have my permission.


Under Kitchen Sink Storage

Most of us who have older homes, have a lot of wasted space underneath our kitchen sinks.

There are drain pipes and hoses in the way. It also seems when the builders got to that space under the sink, the quality of the cabinet is not the same, especially in a lot of the older homes.


Keep An Ice Scoop In Your Freezer

Do you keep an Ice Scoop in your freezer?

If you don’t, you need to!  

Most of us have a utility bin in our freezer where the Ice is stored. If your family and guests put their hands into the Ice compartment in the freezer to grab Ice cubes, it can be VERY unsanitary! 


Best Way To Clean A Blender

You should always clean your Blender immediately after using it. At the very least, rinse it out, until you can clean it.  You don’t want to end up with remnants stuck to the blade and the interior of the Blender jar.