The Dishes

Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe 054 (Mobile) 0

Chocolate Pecan Pie

For this Pie, it is all about the flavor.

A lot of people make their Pecan Pie with whole Pecans. Whole Pecans can make a very pretty presentation but I like to use chopped Pecans because it is much easier to eat. 

How To Thaw A Frozen Turkey 0

How To Thaw A Frozen Turkey

Are you thawing your Turkey yet?

Remember it takes 1 day of thawing for every 4 pounds of Turkey, in your refrigerator.

Thawing your Turkey in your refrigerator is by far the best method.

Simply place the frozen Turkey, still in its wrapper, on a baking sheet or pan, breast side up.

Steak and Provolone Cheese Stuffed Peppers Recipe 058 (Mobile) 0

Steak and Provolone Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Steak and Peppers with gooey melted Cheese!

This is a dish with great flavor combinations reminiscent of a Philly Cheesesteak. Lots of golden Onions and Mushrooms added in to boot.

Three good for you vegetables all rolled into one dish with the added bonus of hearty Steak and melted Cheese!

Chicken Crust Pizza Recipe 032 (Mobile) 0

Chicken Crust Pizza

This Pizza is delicious!

Did you know you can make Pizza Crust with Chicken Breast meat? So easy and tastes great! No, it doesn’t taste like Pizza toppings on a Chicken pattie. It actually tastes very similar to a traditional Pizza crust so if you are cutting carbs….you have to try this one!

Red Velevet Brownies Recipe 0

Red Velvet Brownies

These are decadent, colorful, melt in your mouth Brownies!

What a lovely shade of red and all the cocoa flavoring of Red Velvet Cake wrapped up in a little Brownie. These would be great to serve for Valentines Day or Christmas, oh heck, these would be great to serve any day of the week!

Slow Cooker Cheesy Ham Casserole Recipe 0

Slow Cooker Cheesy Ham Casserole

A colorful Cheesy Ham dish to serve on a cold day.

Here in Minnesota we like to call our Casseroles “Hot Dishes” I guess it is just our Scandinavian roots. Trust me in Minnesota we have a lot of “Hot Dishes” during the cold Winter months!