Open Canned Goods Upside Down

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A good habit to get into is opening your canned goods upside down.


Canned goods are obviously stored right side up on the store shelves and probably the same way in your cupboard or pantry. When you grab a canned item out of your pantry you probably don’t wipe off the lid. The lids are usually full of dust and dirt from being stored at the warehouse and grocery store.

Like most of us you probably don’t think about the lid having dust on it and often it isn’t that noticeable, but believe me it is there. Try wiping a white paper towel across the top of your cans and you will be shocked. As the lid is coming off it will either drop back into the can if you are using a handheld can opener or if you use an electric can opener the dust and dirt can still vibrate off and fall back into the can contents.

So obviously we could wipe off all our cans each time we need to open them, but chances are you will forget or you just don’t want to add another step. After all, using a canned item is a short cut in the first place.

A simple trick to avoid dust getting into your canned goods is to open the canned goods upside down. The dust is usually always on the top of the can so next time you grab a can out of the pantry, merely open the can upside down. Get use to doing this and make it a habit, that way you are not adding any additional steps but you are avoiding dust and dirt getting into your canned good contents when you open them.

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker

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