Make Your Own Cookbook Holder

Make Your Own Cookbook Holder

If you don’t have a fancy Cookbook Holder, just make your own!

Some Cookbook Holders are quite lovely, with scrollwork or carved wood but….they take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter. If you are limited on space, they might not work for you.

So why not make your own Cookbook Holder?

Here is a good use for those plastic pants hangars! Yep, just clip the hangar to the page that your recipe is on and it holds the book open. Now it gets even better, the hangar allows you to hang it at eye level on a cabinet knob!

No more stained pages on your Cookbooks. No more frustration trying to keep the page open to the recipe you are working on. Keep your Cookbooks and recipes clean and out of your way, yet still viewable by just using this Cookbook holder!

Of course this doesn’t work with large hard cover Cookbooks but this is great for seasonal Cookbooks, Magazines and even your own printed Recipes.

Just store one of these hangars right in your kitchen near your Cookbooks, and it will be handy next time you need to clearly see your recipe!

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker



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Hot Dish Homemaker

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