How To Get Your Wrap Out Of The Box Properly

How To Get Your Wrap Out Of The Box Properly

Have you ever read the directions on one of these boxes?

Yep, they actually have directions on how to get your wrap out of the box properly.

Plastic Wrap, Cling Wrap, Foil, Wax Paper…they all come in the same type of box.

If you have NOT read the directions on the box, I can safely say most of us haven’t, there is a little handy helper on the ends of these boxes.

There is a little tab on each end that you need to push in. What does this tab do? Well, it is meant to hold the roll inside the box. Have you ever pulled out a big sheet of foil to cover your turkey and the roll comes flying out of the box and it proceeds to unroll all across your kitchen floor? Then you have to try and roll it back up and it never seems to roll back up quite right?

Now you know the little trick that was right there on the box the whole time. Each time you bring home a new box, push the tabs in before putting the box in your pantry or kitchen drawer, that way you won’t forget to do it before you actually use your wraps!

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker

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