How To Keep Kitchen Sponges Fresh

How To Keep Kitchen Sponges Fresh 007 (Mobile)

The best way to store your Kitchen Sponge is in a Sponge Caddy like the one in this picture.

This type of Sponge Caddy has a suction cup back to stick to your sink. It is great because any excess water from your Kitchen Sponge can drip down in the sink and the air can circulate around the Kitchen Sponge to aid in drying it out in between uses.

Kitchen Sponges are full of germs and each time you wipe the counter, kitchen table or any hard surface, you can be transferring these germs.

The best defense against Kitchen Sponge germs is to keep the Kitchen Sponge dry in between uses and each time you run the dishwasher, put the Kitchen Sponge in the dishwasher as well.  The high heat will help kill the germs, just be sure to dry the Kitchen Sponge in the caddy after you remove it from the dishwasher.

Replace your kitchen sponge often, at least once a month.

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