How To Keep Your Basil Fresh

How To Keep Your Basil Fresh

Don’t you hate it when you take your Basil out of the refrigerator and it has turned brown and wilted?

You just purchased it a few days ago at the grocery store and you wonder why this happened so quickly.


Basil does not like the cold! It thrives in warmer conditions, so when you put it in the refrigerator, the cold conditions make the leaves wilt and start to brown.

Here is the BEST way to store your Basil:

  • Take the Basil out of the package it came in.
  • Trim the tips of the Basil stems off.
  • Put the Basil in a container of water. You are making a Basil bouquet!
  • Next loosely cover the Basil with a plastic bag.

LEAVE the covered Basil on your kitchen counter top. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE REFRIGERATOR!

  • You have now just created a little greenhouse effect for your Basil. It should keep for 1-2 weeks instead of just a few days!

You can stretch your budget farther just by keeping your produce fresher longer.

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker



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