How To Get Gnats And Fruit Flies Out Of Your Kitchen

How To Get Gnats And Fruit Flies Out Of Your Kitchen 030 (Mobile)

Say Goodbye to Gnats and Fruit Flies!

If you have those nasty little Gnats or Fruit Flies buzzing around your kitchen, this will be just the thing you need to get rid of them.

I tried many different sprays and contraptions. Finally I found a simple trick to get rid of these little pests.

All you need is a little leftover Wine and Dish Soap.

Here is what you do.

1. Fill a small glass jar about half full with leftover Wine. You can use White or Red, whatever you have on hand.

2. Give one squirt of Dish Soap into the Wine.

3. Cover the Jar with Plastic Wrap. Secure with a Rubber Band.

4. Using a fork or toothpick poke holes in the top of the Plastic Wrap.

How To Get Gnats And Fruit Flies Out Of Your Kitchen 030 (Mobile)

5. Place the Jar in the area in your Kitchen where these pests are hanging out.

They will be attracted to the sweetness of the Wine and then the Dish Soap weighs them down so they can’t fly back out.

Place a few of these Jars out if you have a lot of these pests flying around. Change the Wine and Dish Soap mixture after a few days if they have not all been trapped.

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  1. Beverly Johnson says:

    I use vinegar instead of wine for fruit flies and gnats.

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