Do You Have An Apple Slicer

Do You Have An Apple Slicer

An Apple Slicer has many uses.

I am surprised at how many people don’t have one in their kitchen.

An Apple Slicer is such a great invention. It makes slicing Apples a breeze! It is much safer and faster than using a knife to slice Apples.

All you do is take this handy dandy gadget and position it in the center on top of your Apple and gently push down. Voile! Instant Apple slices!

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You can also use your Apple Slicer to slice other things in the kitchen.

Planning on making a recipe that calls for onions? Use your Apple Slicer to quickly and easily slice the onion for you! It makes the perfect size onion slices to put in a stir fry!

Need to slice a pear? Get out the Apple Slicer!

Thinking about making steak fries for dinner? Use your Apple Slicer to get even slices so your fries cook evenly.

If you don’t have an Apple Slicer, be sure to pick one up. They are very inexpensive and after you use it, you will wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner!

Tip from: Hot Dish Homemaker

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