Creamy Fruit Cocktail Salad

Creamy Fruit Cocktail Salad

Here is my take on the old fashioned Creamy Fruit Cocktail Salad that makes its way to most of our tables on holidays. Always a favorite on the buffet table as well.



  • 1 (15 oz.) Can Fruit Cocktail*,with juice
  • 1 (20 oz.) Can Pineapple Tidbits, with juice
  • 1 (11 oz.) Can Mandarin Oranges, drained
  • 1 & 1/2 Cups Sliced Fresh Strawberries
  • 1 Cup Cool Whip, thawed
  • 1 (5.1 oz.) Package Vanilla Instant Pudding


1. In a large bowl add the Fruit Cocktail with juice, Pineapple Tidbits with juice, drained Mandarin Oranges and the Strawberries.

2. Sprinkle the Vanilla Pudding mix over the fruit and juice and stir well.

3. Fold in the Cool Whip.

4. Refrigerate the Creamy Fruit Cocktail Salad for an hour. Stir just before serving.

*I get the Fruit Cocktail that has extra maraschino cherries. Try to get the brand that is in juice or light syrup. The heavy syrup is not recommended for this recipe.

Recipe by: Hot Dish Homemaker


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