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Tater Tot Hot Dish Recipe 056 (Mobile) 1

Tater Tot Hot Dish

This hearty casserole dish is cheesy, loaded with veggies, meat and the star of the show, Tater Tots!

If you live in the Midwestern region of the United States, particularly in Minnesota or North Dakota, you have to have Tater Tot Hot Dish in your meal rotation.

pork-chop-oven-bake-recipe-057-mobile 0

Pork Chop Oven Bake

This simplistic comfort food is easy to prepare and makes your Pork very moist, you won’t even need a knife. 

I am not a fan of canned Cream Style Corn however in this case, it enhances the Pork flavor and aids in keeping the Pork superbly moist and tender.

chorizo-sausage-stuffed-peppers-recipe-mobile 0

Chorizo Sausage Stuffed Peppers

Chorizo Sausage filling stuffed in these colorful Peppers. 

It is getting to be the end of the growing season here in Minnesota and I had several Peppers that I needed to pick before the first frost.

So my first thought was to make Stuffed Peppers.

grilled-baby-back-ribs-recipe-6 0

Grilled Baby Back Ribs

These Ribs are super moist and tender!

The key to preparing great grilled Ribs is to slow roast them in the oven first, then finish them off on the grill.

Using this method, your Ribs will be so moist and tender that the meat will fall off the bones.