Category: Appetizers & Beverages


Shrimp Dip

A delicious Shrimp Dip with a little zing!

Easy to make and can be prepared hours ahead of time. Just serve with crackers, veggie sticks or pita triangles. Make this Shrimp Dip for your next gathering. This Dip has a little zing to it and I am sure you will get rave reviews on the flavor!


Sashimi Style Tuna

If you like Sashimi, give this recipe a try.

You will be surprised how easy Sashimi is to make. No need to go to a Japanese restaurant when you can make Sashimi at home.

If you are not that skilled in making sushi rolls, try going the Sashimi route.


Watermelon Cooler

A refreshing drink perfect for a hot summer day!

I prepare my Watermelon in the morning and then I can be outdoors playing Frisbee or Jarts with the neighbors, then when afternoon rolls around, we can take a break from the sun and heat with a refreshing cocktail!



The best way to eat avacados is to make them into Guacamole.

Get some nice ripe avacados for this recipe. Look for the Hass Avacado to have a slightly dark green to black color and it should be slightly soft to the touch.


Low Carb White Russian

Being on a Low Carb diet doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite beverages.

My husband and I have been eating low carb to lose a few pounds and he was really craving a sweet adult beverage.


Spicy Pepper Apple Chutney

Combining the heat from Biker Billy Peppers and the sweetness of Minnesota Apples to create a delicious Chutney.

Chutney dates back thousands of years and originated in India. Of course today it is found in many cultures all over the world.