Can Cheese Be Frozen

Can Cheese Be Frozen

Can Cheese be frozen? 

So I went a little crazy at the grocery store and purchased several bags of cheese because it was on sale and my family loves cheese. When I got home I realized we already had several bags of cheese on hand. Even though we love cheese, we were not going to eat that much and I didn’t want it to spoil so I wondered if you could freeze cheese. I did a little research and of course I also tried freezing one bag to see how well the cheese would hold up in the freezer.

I was surprised to find out that shredded cheese actually was able to be frozen and still retain it’s texture and taste. This is good to know because I often will pull ingredients together to create a meal and then realize I don’t have any cheese for my recipe. Now that I know I can keep cheese in the freezer, I can always have some on hand for my recipes.

I took this one step further and tried freezing block cheese. This is completely different than freezing bagged shredded cheeses. The consistency of the cheese changes and when you try to slice the cheese after it has been frozen, it just crumbles. So I would not suggest freezing blocks of cheese unless you are going to use it for cooking, perhaps putting it into a sauce where it will melt.

Packaged cheese slices will freeze well. It is the same as freezing the shredded cheeses, although depending on the type of cheese slices, some may get a little crumbly.

The next question was, Can you freeze processed cheese food such as Velveeta? The answer is NO. It even says freezing is not recommended right on the box. However if you make a dish with Velveeta, such as chili con queso or artichoke dip, that can be frozen and it will reheat quite nicely.

It is fine to freeze cream cheese too. Just thaw it out in the refrigerator.

Ricotta and mascarpone cheese can be frozen but they will separate and get runny. Thaw them in the refrigerator and stir them well when they have thawed.

Cheese curds can be frozen. They too may get a little crumbly after thawing but they still hold their flavor after freezing.

I would never freeze FINE gourmet cheeses such as a stilton or gruyere. The freezer will change their structure and a lot of FINE gourmet cheeses are very delicate and freezing them would just be wrong because the cheese will deteriorate. Gourmet cheese will age well in the refrigerator if wrapped properly so never freeze it.

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  1. Tamara Garlick says:

    A little trick for freezing block cheese…takes a bit of prep but works beautifully. Shred the block using large holes on box grater. For one block of cheese use one tablespoon of corn starch making sure all pieces are evenly coated. Then toss in freezer bags and you won’t know it was ever frozen. I can tell you all pizza restaurants recieve boxes of grated cheese/cornstarch mixtures completely frozen in giant blocks. As the box thaws the cheese seperates into former shreds and the starch is what gives that thick, melty, stringy cheese that is impossible to duplicate at home….unless you know this trick 🙂

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