Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 024 (Mobile)

All the flavors of Bruschetta in your breakfast Eggs!

So here in Minnesota it is nearing the end of October. Yes, Autumn can bring some chilly temperatures at night. Our local meteorologist was predicting frost at night and low temps nearing 28 degrees. That means any outdoor produce will be affected by a hard freeze!

I still had some Basil and Sweet Tomatoes hanging on by a thread in my garden and I thought I had better find a few ways to use them up. I know I can dry Basil and preserve it but it never tastes the same as freshly picked from the garden Basil, which is my preference for cooking. I say fresh is best!

Starting off with breakfast today I made Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs! They were a hit! So easy, and flavorful! If you like Bruschetta you are gonna love these Eggs!



  • 4 Farm Fresh Eggs
  • 1 Cup Tomatoes, diced
  • Handful of Basil Leaves, chiffonade
  • 1/2 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 003 (Mobile)


1. Lightly spray a large non stick frying pan with non stick spray. That sounds redundant but we don’t want our Eggs to stick to the pan, set aside.

2. In a small bowl whisk together the Eggs. Then stir in the Basil.

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 005 (Mobile)

3. Over medium heat add the Egg mixture into the prepared pan. Give your Pepper mill a few good turns over the Eggs. Use a high heat spatula to start to scramble your Eggs. This type of spatula really works best to avoid the Eggs from sticking to the bottom of your pan and brings them all together nicely.

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 007 (Mobile)

4. Just as the Eggs are starting to come together add in the Tomatoes. We don’t want to overcook the Tomatoes. They should be fresh, not mushy. So they will only be on the heat for a short time. Also, sprinkle 1/4 cup of the Cheese over the Eggs. This should melt in nicely as we finish off our Eggs.

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 010 (Mobile)

5. Just before you remove the Eggs from the pan, add in the remaining Cheese and give one last turn of the Pepper mill over all. Give a few good stirs with your spatula and you are ready to plate your Eggs. This will serve 2 people so double the recipe if you are cooking for the family.

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 012 (Mobile)

~Serve this with a hearty toast or a nice piece of crusty bread. Feel free to throw a little Bacon on the side if you wish. A colorful and flavorful breakfast awaits you!

Bruschetta Scrambled Eggs Recipe 024 (Mobile)

Recipe by: Hot Dish Homemaker

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