Biker Billy Pepper Infused Vodka

Biker Bily Pepper Infused Vodka Recipe

Infused Vodkas are all the rage lately.

For the past couple years I have been growing a type of Pepper for my husband, called “Biker Billy” Peppers. He LOVES extreme heat and I originally found “Biker Billy” Peppers at my local garden center here in Minnesota. The tag said “VERY HOT” and I knew I had to buy the plant. They are easy to grow and produce a lot of Peppers throughout the season. I usually put three plants into a large pot and grow them on my deck.

My husband LOVED them. As for me, too hot! Yowza!

Here is what the plant looks like.

Biker Billy Pepper Infused Vodka

You see the Peppers are a smaller variety reminiscent of the Jalapeno and in fact are in the Jalapeno family. They are blazing Hot! They were produced by, Billy Hufnagle, a Cookbook Author, TV Personality and of course Biker!

At the end of this last growing season, I decided to take the final few Peppers and create some Infused Vodka for my husband. I thought this would be great Vodka for his Bloody Mary recipe.

I have never infused Vodka before but read a few articles on the process and it seemed to be VERY simple so I gave it a whirl!

Here is how to Infuse the Vodka:

1. First you need to find your vessel. A mason Jar or cruet will do. Something with a tight fitting lid, it should also be glass. For this recipe I am using a quarter liter glass cruet.

2. Select a quality Vodka. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can use a cheap Vodka because you are infusing it with flavor. Cheap Vodka is still cheap Vodka. You don’t have to use an expensive brand go for middle of the road and definitely avoid the cheap stuff.

3. Peel 2 Garlic Cloves and place in the cruet.

4. Next select 2 Peppers. Wash them and leave the stem in tact. Cut a slit about 1 inch long on each side of the Pepper, be careful not to go all the way through. This helps release all the flavor of the Pepper yet keeps it in tact so it doesn’t cloud the Vodka.

5. Pour in 12 Ounces of Good Vodka, over the Peppers and Garlic.

6. Seal the lid tightly and store the Vodka in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. I stored mine on a shelf in the kitchen away from direct sunlight and it was fine. Don’t store it in the refrigerator. Leave the Vodka sit for 4-5 days to ensure the flavors have infused into the Vodka.

7. Taste the Vodka to ensure the flavor is where you want it to be. Careful it will be VERY hot! You are ready to add the Infused Vodka to your drink of choice, if you like extreme heat, you are gonna love this Vodka!

~And there you have it! Biker Billy Pepper Infused Vodka

~ My husband raved about this Vodka and he can’t wait for the next growing season so I can make more for him! Those who tried it, loved it in their Bloody Mary’s as well.


Recipe by: Hot Dish Homemaker

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