Are Scratched Or Chipped Nonstick Pans Safe

Are Scratched Or Chipped Nonsick Pans Safe

If you research this subject you will find MANY varying opinions. In my opinion, if your cookware is scratched or chipped you need to get new pots and pans.

Reports will tell you that if you use your nonstick cookware properly, it will NOT scratch or chip.  I of course had Teflon pans in the past, who didn’t, and the nonstick coating always scratched and chipped off, even if you used the proper utensils. The reports on scratched or chipped Teflon range from it can cause cancer to it can emit a gas and kill pet birds! So after reading these varied reports of how bad the coating can be to your health, I wanted to try something else that was nonstick and guaranteed not to scratch or chip.

So about 2 years ago I purchased very expensive hard anodized pans. I had never spent that much money on French skillets but I was sick of buying the less expensive pans and always replacing them. I told myself it would be worth the investment. I read the directions carefully and followed everything to the letter which included; only cook on medium heat, never use metal utensils, never put them in the dishwasher, line them when storing in your cupboard and only use a soft sponge to clean. So taking the extra time to care for my French skillets appeared to be a waste of time because they are now showing wear on the nonstick coating. My skillets have a limited lifetime warranty but after contacting the company, they say their cookware line does not scratch or chip unless it was used improperly! Kind of figured they would say that, but thought I would give it a shot. There are a lot of people complaining online about the very same problem.

Looking into my next purchase for new pans, because I am not comfortable using scratched nonstick surface pans when cooking for my family, the reviews and opinions are endless and it is hard to sift through them all and determine which ones are accurate.

I believe there is really no guarantee on the safety of cookware so my thought is you have to do your research and form your own opinion. I had hoped to have greater wisdom here but there are just too many conflicting reports from varying experts. My hope is that this article will at least get you thinking about the safety issues of nonstick cookware. It seems like miracle cookware and you can use less oil or no oil when cooking which is healthier but is it worth the risk?

With all that said, I have decided to try classic stainless steel this time for my skillets. I have an old set of stainless steel Revere Ware pots and pans which I have had for 30 years and never had a problem with them. I should have taken that cue and gone with stainless steel skillets as well, but I too wanted the ease of the nonstick skillets. Many health conscious people swear by stainless steel and although I think most manufactured cookware may have some risk, in my opinion this appears to be the safest on the current market. Only time will tell, but since I have found the nonstick cookware to be a much greater risk, this is a good alternative. I also invested in some good old fashioned cast iron pans which work well but also require a bit of care. You can read about how to do so here:

Be informed and safe in your kitchen and select your cookware wisely!


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