7 Common Mistakes When Using Nonstick Pans

7 Coomon Mistakes When Using Nonstick Pans 031 (Mobile)

7 Common Mistakes When Using Nonstick Pans

1. Never use High Heat when cooking in a Nonstick Pan. High heat causes the pans coating to crack.

2. Don’t use Metal Utensils in Nonstick Pans. They will scratch and chip the coating.

3. Don’t put Nonstick pans in the dishwasher. The high heat and harsh detergents will ruin the nonstick coating.

4. Most Nonstick Pans state not to use Nonstick Cooking Spray. First of all, you don’t need it. Second of all, the Nonstick Cooking Spray will create a build up that you will never be able to remove.

5. Don’t stack Nonstick Pans together. You need to protect the coating, so use liners in between pans. Coffee filters work great for small to medium size pans. Dish towels work well for larger size pans.

6. Never preheat an empty Nonstick Pan. Doing so can possibly crack the pan or in some cases preheating the pan can emit harmful fumes. Preheating may also warp some of the less expensive Nonstick Pans.

7. Never use the rough scrubbing side of a kitchen sponge on your Nonstick Pans. It will scratch the coating.

Use these tips when caring for and using your Nonstick Pans and they will last much longer.

7 Coomon Mistakes When Using Nonstick Pans 017 (Mobile)

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