10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters

10 Ways to Use Coffee Filters

Try using Coffee Filters for other things. This list of Ten Ways to use Coffee Filters is a good start.

Coffee Filters are very inexpensive and they usually always are sold in large quantity packages. You probably have a good supply on hand.

Did you purchase a new Coffee pot that does not require Coffee Filters and you still have 200 Coffee Filters in your cupboard or pantry? That was my situation and so I did a little research to find out what other ways I could possibly use them all.

10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters

1. Use Coffee Filters as a disposable snack bowl for chips, pretzels or popcorn

2. Use Coffee Filters instead of a paper towel to put your fried bacon on to drain

3. Coffee Filters are lint free so you can use them to clean your mirrors and windows

4. When packing or storing dishware/china, use Coffee Filters to line between dishes to prevent chips and scratching

5. Use a Coffee Filter to cover a bowl when cooking in the microwave, this will prevent splatters

6. Use Coffee Filters to wrap Christmas ornaments for storage

7. Use Coffee Filters to line frying pans when storing in the cupboard, it will prevent pans from scraping each other

8. Use Coffee Filters to remove nail polish if you are out of cotton balls

9. Place a Coffee Filter inside of your cast iron skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust

10. Use Coffee Filters to sprout seeds. Dampen a Coffee Filter then place the seeds inside, and roll up the Coffee Filter. Place the Coffee Filter in a sealable bag and wait for the seeds to sprout!

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