10 Uses For Kitchen Shears

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Having a Kitchen Shears can be very helpful in your kitchen.

If you are a Chef or have culinary knife skills, you may not need to have a Kitchen Shears or Scissors in your kitchen. For the rest of us, having a Kitchen Shears can be very helpful in our kitchens!

Here are 10 Uses For Kitchen Shears:

1. Herbs. Often you need the Herbs that you are adding to your dish to be finely diced or chopped. Here is where a Kitchen Shears comes in very handy. A lot easier and faster to chop them with a Kitchen Shears if you don’t have proper knife skills.

2. Bacon. Cut raw or cooked bacon with your Kitchen Shears. You will get the perfect size pieces for your recipe.

3. Whole Chicken. Need to debone or cut a whole chicken? If you don’t have good knife skills, here is where a Kitchen Shears will come in handy. It is hard to get around the bones and if you are using a sharp knife you risk cutting yourself. So if your not that skilled with a knife try a Kitchen Shears instead.

4. Pie Crust. Instead of using a knife to try and trim the edge of your pie crust, use a Kitchen Shears. You can get a better looking and neater edge by using the Kitchen Shears.

5. Tortillas. Have you ever tried making your own home made tortilla chips in the oven? Use your Kitchen Shears to cut the round tortillas into triangles then lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Lightly spray both sides of the tortilla chips with olive oil cooking spray and then lightly salt them. Bake at 400 degrees for about 5-6 minutes until they become crisp and slightly brown. Watch them carefully because they will cook fast and you don’t want them to burn!

6. Artichokes. Prepare your artichokes for cooking, using your Kitchen Shears. The spikey ends on the artichoke leaves need to be removed and a Kitchen Shears works perfect for snipping them off.

7. Lobster Tail. Cut the shell of the lobster tail down the center with your Kitchen Shears to remove the fabulous meat!

8. Green Onions or Scallions. Use your Kitchen Shears to snip the green onions right into your dish. No need for a cutting board!

9. Pasta. Cut cooked pasta to fit in your pan. Making Lasagna and you want perfect layers? Just use your Kitchen Shears to cut the ends of the pasta that is too long.

10. Phyllo Dough or Nori. When you need to cut phyllo dough try using a Kitchen Shears. Phyllo dough is very delicate and thin so using a Kitchen Shears may be easier for you to use to cut the sheets. Also, cutting Nori sheets (sushi wrapping) can be done easily with a Kitchen Shears.

When purchasing Kitchen Shears, be sure to get a good quality brand. The cheap ones at the big box stores don’t last very long. They often fall apart or rust quickly. So read reviews before purchasing and ask the experts at the kitchen supply store. Look for a warranty or a money back guarantee. A good quality Kitchen Shears should last for many years!

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